DJ3WProductions: Revamped.

Good Afternoon from Madrid!

oductions just got a facelift all the way from Madrid. I am currently spending two weeks in Spain to enjoy the culture, music, and atmosphere, and wanted to share some tunes that I also came across as well. DJ3W is currently in the processes of releasing another single so stay tuned!! Much more to come.

First things first, Kaskade released his Fire/Ice Dual album not too long ago, and of course we have all been sitting tight to see what remixes are going to come out of it. His partnership with Skrillex in “Lick it” demonstrated two different spectrums of the edm world coming together to form this rugged, 128 based anthem that was still missing something key. I now present you the official DJ Icey Remix of Lick it:

Lick It (DJ Icey Remix) by DJ Icey

Lastly I know many of you guys love the infamous Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I came across a very solid, funky remix of Snow (Hey Oh). Its a moombah slapper for sure, bringin out the slow 102 bpm. Check it:

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) (Alpha Data Remix) by GruntWorthy Music

Also, Check out my Madrid, Spain Tab. Ive been taking some breathtaking photos and you guys can download them as wallpaper if you want.

Much Love,