DJ3W Productions' Nidal Nasrah

Attention DJ3W Fans!

DSC_0101I would like to take this time to tell you all that I officially am not a one man show. I have aquired a bunch of new lighting equiptment and will now have a Lighting director and producer who will be controlling all of my light shows! Nidal Nasrah will now be taking over the chauvet dmx lazers, ambient lighting, and other visual effects! This guy will not disappoint and you will all be getting a much greater performance coming from DJ3W Productions!

DJ3WProductions is now officially partners with WobbleAddict and Level1 Events to bring you guys some amazing performances, not just some dj gigs. The year is about to start and we are looking into blowing up the scene with something you guys would have never expected from a group of college kids. Prepare yourself.

Much Love,