Dubstep is still alive!

Good Monday Morning!

Today is a very special day. Today is the birthday of someone I can say is one of my best friends. I may have not known him my whole life like most of my true homies, but over the last couple years I have truly been shown that this kid actually cares, and cares a lot, about people. He founded WobbleAddict, a Facebook music blog that delivers the best of the best of dubstep. Originating from Northern California, he's currently in Oregon stirring up a movement. His page is developing a website right now as we speak and are getting ready to throw their first Wobble Addict Show. After hitting 200 likes, this young man took a shot at making the WA200 Mix, and this is why im here. To prove to you all that dubstep is still very much alive. And if you ever start to doubt it, go to
wobbleaddict and see what this guy does for a living. Straight amazing, melodical music.

Happy mother f**king birthday homie!!!!

And for the rest of you, check out his mix and spread the love! Its short, sweet, and to the dubstep point.

Much Love,