Cthulhu Dreams // New ADVENTURE CLUB

Many of you know the original Cthulhu Sleeps by Deadmau5, the definition of massive. Check out this brand new remake that sounds similar, but with tons more bass. Enjoy:

Download Here!

Secondly, I wanted to talk about a group to watch out for in 2012. Already listed on EDM maganize as top 20 up and coming artists, Adventure Club Dubstep has brought a new definition to melodical wobbles. In my opinion, this is where house music is going anyways so might as well hop on this harmonics early. Enjoy!

Download Here!

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DON'T BRING SAND TO THE BEACH 2012 ft. Autoerotique

Attention ALL SCU students and students around the bay! Leve1 Events is proud to bring you their 3rd annual Don’t Bring Sand To The Beach. This one is about to be more massive than both previous years, and there are many many behind the scene works that will blow your minds. You can get tickets from me personally or you can get them online! Tickets are $15(while supplies last) and bus passes are at $10 bucks right now. FOR 25 DOLLARS YOU HAVE A RIDE THERE AND BACK AND A FAT EVENT TO ATTEND. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS BEAAACHH.


More information on the event here:

❖❖Don't Bring Sand To The Beach 2012❖❖

Tickets http://tinyurl.com/7a4phgp
Hard Tickets are available through Leve1 Promoters
VIP Bottle Service Email: vip@level1events.com

$10 shuttle passes are available now
Passes, Schedule, and more info http://tinyurl.com/7a4phgp
SCU students ONLY

There are also limos and party buses available for small groups and VIPs at affordable prices! email: mohit@level1events.com

18+ ID required
21+ to drink

Autoerotique (Dim Mak Records)

La Sape

Crunch Theory

Fortune (1/2 of Fortune Cookie)

*Free Parking
*1 block from Palo Alto Cal Train Station (last train at 1:00 am)

Tickets & Questions: info@level1events.com
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New PeaceTreaty DJ Tool "Mozart Bangarang's"

Good morning all, sorry I have been a little bit behind with the site, just starting up school again. I came across this Peacetreaty DJ tool/ mashup earlier this week and you guys need to give this whole thing a listen. Truly, some cool combinations going on right here. See for yourself!


***Click Image above to download!***

Brand New: //ZEDD\\

Many have heard of Porter Robinson and love what his style has done to the music scene right now. His combination of dirty electro house and tweaky synths has made almost a new standard in the hard electro scene. Other big names include Mord Fustang, Cazzette, Wolfgang Gartner, etc. Now feast your eyes on a relatively new producer to the game but has been making some amazing tracks in 2011. First track of 2012. This is ZEDD Music.

Download Here!