Good Morning!

We got a real treat this morning. We have a brand new collaboration between Skrillex and Sofi, the amazing woman of mau5trap records. Her vocals and samples are becoming a necessary staple in the edm scene, especially being affiliated through Deadmau5 and his record label. Take a look for yourself:

Everyone knows the infamous “What Happens In Vegas” banger by DJ Chuckie. Yes, its that time. Remix time. There are a total of four of them that you can get on beatport, but I decided to pull out my favorite: (Preview), Full version available on Beatport.

For those in the mood to chill and not melt your bassface I present you with a super laidback chillstep remix of Wiz’s “This Plane.”

Be sure to check out SOFI’s newest EP “Locked & Loaded Pt.2” If you’ve instantly fallen in love with her as have I.


Much Love,