ATTN: Opening for DallasK! Preview

18361_231502853280_119122748280_2999295_1388653_nHello Everyone,

So I heard word, and its official. I’m opening for DallasK September 30th at Club Noble in San Fransisco! Get there early because its open bar 9-10! Set times are still tentative, but as of now, Im on from 10-11:30 and DallasK goes on at 11:30 till 1, followed by a closer. For those who don’t know, DallasK is another young prodigy producer much like madeon, porter robinson, and mord fustang. He is 20 years old and is making it huge in the dubstep scene. I will provide everyone with a lot more information the closer it gets to the show and I will definately have discount tickets for you SCU students! Here are some remixes and originals by DallasK so you guys can preview what you’re about to enjoy!

Much Love,