Club Kapital: Madrid.

Last night I had the opportunity to be able to go to a 7 story club in Madrid called Kapital. This club is ridiculous. There are 7 stories, each story has a specific theme / importance. The first floor is the main dance stage. This floor has a massive LED backdrop and tons of lights and effects that literally blow the US club scene away. The next couple floors all represented different dance music. Moombah, Hip Hop, House, etc. In between those and the top there were multiple lounges and at the very top an open roofed smoking section. It was literally something I have never experienced before.

The sets on the mainstage were amazing. These DJ’s weren’t anything special, but they combined both real instruments and DJing. Here are two videos from the night that you need to check out!


I also uploaded more photos on my Madrid Tab from Kapital and El Parque de Retiro if you guys want to take a peak.

Much Love,